Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

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Why do we ride? What motivates us to ride?

Check out the Stories of Bike on youtube. Some good inspirational film on the Bike. Here’s a taste for now. When you are done, get ready to ride on down to Calgary Thursday Bike Night for more inspiration. Stories of  Bike

Fathers Day BBQ

Check out the Fathers day BBQ with Ill Fated KustomsFathersDayBBQ-1024x575


No sense just hanging around, come down to Calgary Thursday Bike Night



This is the NINTH continuous season for Calgary Thursday Bike Night

I hope you continue to support and enjoy this event. Every Thursday weather permitting

Bobby Baum


Finally some warm weather will permit us to get out and ride. As usual, every Thursday during riding season. 16 Ave and 4 St .N.W.  6 P.M. – 9P.M.

See you there


This is not a Hoax – Swap meet has been cancelled.


Due to circumstances beyond our control.


We hope that you will do two things to help us spread the word as we are hoping to contact all the usual attendees.


1. Pass this email along to all your motorcycling buddies so that no one shows up on the 27th looking for the swap meet.


2. If you received our poster in the mail recently and now this email, PLEASE email us at with your mailing address on that envelope so we know who has been contacted.


The Mt Vernon WVM Swap Meet is on Saturday April 26th and we hope you will support them.


We would like to thank everyone for their past support and look forward to seeing you in 2015.


Todd, Barbara & Mack

Classic Bike Swap Meet Ltd

RPO Box 30614-4567 Lougheed Hwy.

Burnaby BC V5C 6J5


Troy and Ang have produced some motorcycle riding street adventure shows on the local channels. If you want to know more about riding in Alberta, Alaska, Mexico and other places they have ridden to, then check out You Tube where their videos can be viewed. I watched the Mexico ride and gleaned a lot of information that will help me when I make the ride south some day. (soon I hope)

Ride StopNGoYou can also view them on  Facebook and their website  

You can’t beat having someone do the leg work for you. You can judge what parts of the ride will benefit you the most.


Bobby Baum



4 BMW bikes travel to the TT races in the Isle of Man

I’ve watched this video and love it. Great representation of the journey and destiny . Click link below

4 BMW bikes travel to Isle of Man



The C.V.M.G – RMS along with a conglomerate of Calgary Motorcycle groups (listed below) and shops are organizing the first TWO WHEEL SUNDAY meet on June 1, 2014 Click for the Facebook site


The concept is to give a meeting place for all to discuss the current and future of motorcycling in Calgary and area. We have invited all the known groups and scooter clubs to attend meetings to organize this major meet and greet along with participating motorcycle shops.

We know you will be able to make some new and long-lasting acquaintances in the motorcycle community. Come and enjoy some food, pop and conversation. We will give more details as they develop


Currently we have the following champions on the committee:
· Currently recruiting all groups and shops in the Calgary area

1. VRA Victory Riders Association
2. Alberta Lone Wolves
3. C.V.M.G.-R.M.S Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group Rocky Mountain Section
4. Anderworks
5. Harley Owners Group H.O.G. 9002
6. Blue Knights
7. C.M.D.R.A. Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing association
8. Apocalypse Scooter Club
9. 403Riders
10. Magic of Christmas Toy Run
11. Calgary Rockers
12. Mad Jap Kustoms
13. Ride for The Breathe of Life
14. Old Motorcycle Shop
15. Honest Mfg.
16. C.M.C. Calgary Motorcycle Club
17. N.S.M.A. ( Northern Stars Motorcycle Association )
18. Universal Cycle
19. Women in the Wind Chinook Outriders
20. Bow Valley HOG
21. Lucid Kustoms
22. C.A.V. ( Canadian Army Veterans)
23. Ride For Dad
24. Strip Club Choppers
25. Chinook Wings Motorcycle Club
26. Cycleworks Calgary
27. O.M.G. Motorcycle Training
28. Lazydawg Trikes
29. Ride for Sight
30. ill-Fated Kustoms
31. Retreads
32. BMW / UMCI riders
33. Sagebrush Designs
34. Custom Cycles
35. Steel Tattoos
36. Blackfoot Motorsports
37. G.W.R.R.A. Gold Wing Road Riders Association
38. Blue Circle Insurance
39. Torch Motorcycle
40. Stop RideNGo
41. Greg Williams Nicholson Bros Motorcycles, Books and apparels
42. And more


Please contact us if you want to be part of the organizing committee

Cheers From all of us

Bobby Baum


Check out the vimeo, The Decline of BSA  it is 29 minutes long but worth the view. An inside look at the machinery, methods and management that was outdated. The loyalty of the workers, some of whom were there for forty years of the life. Only to see its’ demise.


Bobby Baum



This where we welcome the 2014 riding season

NOTE: The swap Meet Set up is on March 29 and doors open to the public on march 30th

Vintage Motorcycle Group Match 2014

Date : From Saturday, March 29 2014 To Sunday, March 30 2014

Location :  UFA Agricentre West

Contact : John Deschiffart @ 403.755.6308

Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group-Central Alberta

Paid parking may be in effect during this event.

See you there

Bobby Baum


Bragging Rights

I have had many motorcycles over the years including Harley – Davidson. I like the Deckers as we call them In Canada and Baggers south of the 49th parallel. They have served me well since 1982 on a continuous basis until 2007. That’s when I bought a new Street Glide, blue with spoke wheels, stage one and true dual pipes. I loved the fuel injection, 6 speed transmission and 96 inch motor. Nice power and the six speed allowed the motor to purr at highway speeds.


The short windshield was too low for which made the turbulence a bit unbearable. I installed a taller window and my life behind the bars was much better. The suspension on the Glide is  shorter which adds to a little harsher ride than the Electra- Glide. Add a passenger and luggage, the ride is lesser by increments. My social   co-ordinator who rides on the back with me has confirmed this point many times.

Before I have an all out assault on my view, I add that this is my opinion due to my personal needs. I have a form of arthritis known as D.I.S.H.   Dish is a form of spinal arthritis that can be very debilitating. Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis

In  the fall of 2008 I took the Victory Vision for a ride to see what another American V twin could do for me. I was impressed beyond expectations. The ride is subtle, the wind management is great, power excellent and my back loved it. My back quickly did the voting for me and I bought the Vision. It wasn’t as pretty as my Street – Glide but it made riding a motorcycle far more enjoyable for me and my social co-ordinator. We now call it Bobby’s’ BUICK.

I decided to sell the Street – Glide although economics at the time allowed me to keep it. Keeping the Harley strictly for bragging rights didn’t make sense. Sad to to see her go but glad to move on to another chapter in my riding career.


I got on the new Victory and rode over to the registration office to transfer my plates to the new Vision. While in the office a young man said to me, “Hey nice Harley you have”  I said it’s a Victory. And he replied but your helmet says Harley. Oh yes, they do make nice helmets don’t they.

I have put many miles on the Vision including a one day ride of 1200 KM (744 mi) which is excellent for a guy with DISH. I look at the new  Harley’s and love the looks but my back soon intervenes and tells me to stop there. Last fall a game changer came into play and that is the new Indian 111. After riding the new models my brain and my back are in agreement that one of those new models could grace the driveway.


Bobby Baum

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