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Motorcycle noise sparks $850,000 lawsuit by Alberta retiree against local ‘cretins’


Motorcycle noise drives the squirrels nuts and drives $850K lawsuit

Originally posted on National Post | News:

Richard Jones refers to his backyard as his “sanctum,” a much-loved place that, in its ideal, fills him with a great sense of peace and calm, the result, perhaps, of its Zen Buddhist design inspiration.

There are pink flowers aplenty, terraces, manicured trees and shrubs, three waterfalls, a tea house and a pair of antique doors, imported all the way from China and set into one of the walls.

“The waterfalls attract a lot of songbirds, they like to bathe and drink,” Mr. Jones says, from the interior of his home in Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.

Aaron Lynett/NP

Aaron Lynett/NP

“I take a lot of photographs back there, and I remember one day being lined up on a squirrel. I had a beautiful profile of it, and just as I was getting ready to squeeze the shot — ‘Varoom!’ — a motorcycle roared down the street and the squirrel jumped right up on…

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Motus Motorcycles breaks land speed record for pushrod engine

American V 4 pushrod 1600 CC motor with some (proven) big growl. Check out the link to their site. They claim that they are production ready and waiting to pass EPA testing for the home market. Canada?? We can only hope.

Motus Sets Two Land Speed Records, Rides Home
Press Release- Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah- Motus Factory Racing set the two fastest land speed records of any American production motorcycle at the AMA-sanctioned 2014 Bonneville Speed Trials. Competing in P-PP and P-PG classes, the new records also establish the stock Motus MSTR as the fastest production pushrod motorcycle in the world.

The Motus MSTR motorcycles were raced in stock, unmodified condition with just the mirrors, turn signals and license plates removed. With top speeds of 168.69 mph and records of 163.98 mph and 165.81 mph respectively, company founders Brian Case and Lee Conn set the records before re-attaching the mirrors and license plates and riding 1900 miles back to the Motus factory in Alabama…in 30 hours.

 Motus USA

Cheers Bobby Baum

2015 Indian Scout V Twin shoot out has an excellent review of the new Indian Scout along with 6 of its bastard V twin cousins. Check it out here  They are all great machines with something for everyone.


Bobby Baum

Paul Brodie with Flashback Fabrications

Take the time to check out Paul Brodie from the Vancouver area. Nice to see some home-grown talent in the works. Even better, he is willing to share his skills in the classroom.

Torch Motorcycles is in the process of organizing an intimate selection of bikes at the Hand Built Show. Details to follow

Cheers Bobby Baum

Why do we ride? What motivates us to ride?

Check out the Stories of Bike on youtube. Some good inspirational film on the Bike. Here’s a taste for now. When you are done, get ready to ride on down to Calgary Thursday Bike Night for more inspiration. Stories of  Bike

Fathers Day BBQ

Check out the Fathers day BBQ with Ill Fated KustomsFathersDayBBQ-1024x575


No sense just hanging around, come down to Calgary Thursday Bike Night



This is the NINTH continuous season for Calgary Thursday Bike Night

I hope you continue to support and enjoy this event. Every Thursday weather permitting

Bobby Baum


Finally some warm weather will permit us to get out and ride. As usual, every Thursday during riding season. 16 Ave and 4 St .N.W.  6 P.M. – 9P.M.

See you there


This is not a Hoax – Swap meet has been cancelled.


Due to circumstances beyond our control.


We hope that you will do two things to help us spread the word as we are hoping to contact all the usual attendees.


1. Pass this email along to all your motorcycling buddies so that no one shows up on the 27th looking for the swap meet.


2. If you received our poster in the mail recently and now this email, PLEASE email us at with your mailing address on that envelope so we know who has been contacted.


The Mt Vernon WVM Swap Meet is on Saturday April 26th and we hope you will support them.


We would like to thank everyone for their past support and look forward to seeing you in 2015.


Todd, Barbara & Mack

Classic Bike Swap Meet Ltd

RPO Box 30614-4567 Lougheed Hwy.

Burnaby BC V5C 6J5


Troy and Ang have produced some motorcycle riding street adventure shows on the local channels. If you want to know more about riding in Alberta, Alaska, Mexico and other places they have ridden to, then check out You Tube where their videos can be viewed. I watched the Mexico ride and gleaned a lot of information that will help me when I make the ride south some day. (soon I hope)

Ride StopNGoYou can also view them on  Facebook and their website  

You can’t beat having someone do the leg work for you. You can judge what parts of the ride will benefit you the most.


Bobby Baum



4 BMW bikes travel to the TT races in the Isle of Man

I’ve watched this video and love it. Great representation of the journey and destiny . Click link below

4 BMW bikes travel to Isle of Man


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