Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

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Thursday May 31 07

We have some great nights when the weather has permitted. Averaging around 80 plus bikes and around 100 +- 5 over the full night last night. We need some pictures for the blog as my camera is on the fritz. Contact me at the event if you can take pictures for us.

I notice that we have a very god blend / mix from all the types of riders including sport, cruisers, touring and street fighter type bikes. I would also like to see the scooters show up as they are once again an emrging force in the Motorcyle world. Please ask them to come.

If you have an interest in a particular bike or model just walk over and ask the owner about the bike and see where the conversation takes you. I know you’ll be surprised.

Yesterday was a first for me in my fourty years of riding as I was hit by a car on the way home from work. No injuries to me or my new bike. Just one of those gentle bumps from behind while in slow traffic. Great story I can’t tell here, just ask me at bike night. I have the blue street glide.

I (we) went to the Airdrie Wednesday Night Bike night at the A&W on Big Hill SPrings Road. Must have been more than 150 and close to 200 by nights end. Kudos to the organizer(s) for a GREAT event. I hope that we in Calgary can do as well in the coming year.

I talked with some sport bike people near the end of the night. 3 guys and one gal, sorry forgot your names and I was surprised to hear their comments about Fred and Janices’ 2 stroke triples when they drove away. What are those bikes? Oh a Water Buffallo and a GT 380. A WHAT? Listen to that sound. Yes, they are 2 Strokes. OHHH.
I now know I’m from a different era. But we can tell you all about it if you just ask.
Bobby Baum


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One thought on “Thursday May 31 07

  1. Bobby: Keep up the great work regarding the blog. It’s great to read about the Bike Night’s after they happen. How about keeping track of some of the different bikes and riders, and posting them here? Just a thought! Cheers, G.

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