Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

Motorcycles, bike night, Thursday, Calgary,C.V.M.G., R.M.S.

September Roar

Well September is here and as always in Calgary the weather gives an early taste of fall and hopefully some more warm riding days. I know we hvae some good days ahead with the CVMG swap meet Sept 9 and the Toy run the same day. We did get alot of riders from the toy run out to the swap meet making for a great ride.
Sorry about the late posts as life takes it tolls on writing. Let me see, work in yard, ride bike, build deck, ride bike, go to work and ride bike. They say the average man thinks about sex many times an hour. Well, when they asked motorcyclists (Male and Female) how many times they thought about bikes, the results were much higher. NOT REALLY. It is hard to think about anything else as the season winds down, so make the best of it. See you at the swap meet and bike night.
Bobby Baum CVMG


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