Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

Motorcycles, bike night, Thursday, Calgary,C.V.M.G., R.M.S.


We want to make Calgary Thursday Bike Night a memorable experience for you in 2008. By expanding on our event, ever so slightly to include a bike of the week and a riders story, point of view or experience. The bike of the week and the owner may be the rider we talk with or we might separate the two.  So watch for pictures and a bit of a story behind the scenes. I expect that we might be able to try for an April 17 08 kick off for this year, weather dependent. Of course we are at A & W on 16 Ave. and 4 St. N.W. Calgary.I know there were some great bikes that made it to bike night in 2007 and in hindsight some more pictures would have helped reinforce the memory. The stories from the men and ladies who attended always makes time pass by fast when you are there.I’ll try to get some more local links for motorcycling in Calgary on this site so you can meet some new riding friends and always be connected to local events. As always Stay Safe Bobby Baum Calgary Thursday  Bike Night cvmg-rms  


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