Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

Motorcycles, bike night, Thursday, Calgary,C.V.M.G., R.M.S.


hpim0997We at the bike night would like to express our thoughts for the family of DALE GAPKA who went riding to that special place. Dale who attended bike night for the last couple of years died from brain cancer at age 49 on March 7, 2009. On March 2 Dale and I talked about him being able to go to bike night if Donna drove him there. The next day Dale was in the hospice. Dale left behind his wife Donna and their daughters.

Dale rode a Honda 750 for a few years to bike night. Last year I mentioned to him that he needed to reward himself and Donna for all of their hard work raising a family. I said go buy yourself a big bike that you and Donna can tour on and go to new places in comfort. We talked about Harley’s and Yamaha’s which he seemed to like both. Dale was struggling with a decision and asked me about selling my blue Street Glide to him. He just wasn’t sure. So I helped him out a bit. I sent a letter to Donna and said here is the picture of the other girl. I enclosed a picture of my blue Street Glide. She was, at first shocked until the picture was viewed. I heard the reverberations all the way across town.

Well Dale did eventually buy his bike a blue Yamaha 1900 Roadliner. His grin could hardly fit in the Dub parking lot. I know he loved his new ride and talked about going places with Donna.  He wasn’t the extravert that some enthusiasts are but he enjoyed the whole motorcycle scene. He talked casually with new friends at the dub and brought his close friends to show them the event.

Dale was a classy guy who was first to pull money from his pocket to raise funds for the Yamada family. We will miss him very much this season. From all of us at bike night, thank you Dale for being a part of this Calgary Motorcycle event.

Bobby Baum


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  1. Rest In Peace

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