Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

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THURSDAY NIGHT BIKE NIGHT  in Glendale Arizona. This is a regular event up to the end of June when temps make it too hot to stand around outside and talk bike talk. It is held at the Westgate WaterDance Plaza which is part of the arena and next to the stadium. Coyote Boulevard which is a palm treed, pedestrian corridor turns into a show of chrome, colour and spectators.

The bike nights run from 5 P.M. TO 10 P.M. every Thursday till the end of June when temperatures rise above 100 F. This is a great spot for a bike night as it is somewhat shaded by the malls buildings and even cooled a bit from the water park within. The water park is a fountain that displays colour and streams with the music being played. When I say mall, it is an open air mall / facility.

When I arrive at 5 P.M. the temperature is 97 and a shady spot to sit is welcoming. There are about 70 bikes there and a constant flow entering. A few vendors, maybe 8 or so, are setting up in the entrance walkway to the arena. Surrounded by restaurants and patios the bike night offers many choices to eat and watch the people, watching people and bikes. By 8:30 P.M. I count over 650 bikes on site and estimate that with the number of machines that are on the move, the number would be above a 1000 having made it to the event. At 9:30 P.M. there is still a steady flow of bikes entering the  boulevard.

The bobbers draw attention of all the enthusiasts, who stop to talk about their former experiences with one or the want to have one. Most the bikes are modified lightly to over the top customs that scream at your pocket-book.

On the night that I was there, the Phoenix Suns were in the playoffs against the L.A. Lakers. This could be viewed from one of the Jumbo trons overlooking the boulevard. My guess is that the Jumbo is 30′ high by 50′ wide. The game is tied at 101 in the final three seconds, it become so quiet in the area that you could hear the oil leak from Gold Wing. Not really, just felt good saying that.

The picture above is the view looking eastward into the venue. The waterpark is visible in the background.

The view above is looking westward.

A bike that Mel Gibson would be proud to ride.

The proud owner of this bobber and his buddy also gave me the walking tour of the boulevard.

The owner of this 53 Panhead assisted me in learning the ropes of Glendale bike night. He said this bike was an Ebay rolling basket find. Several years ( I think he said 6 yrs) rebuilding this beauty, with the engine done by Highway Choppers shop in Glendale. I’ll post some pictures from the shop later.

Bobby Baum


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  1. Ted Holmes on said:

    ‘too hot to stand around outside’?!
    Here’s some envy from your snow covered hometown, Calgary Alberta.

    Hope your vacation has been great thus far,


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