Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

Motorcycles, bike night, Thursday, Calgary,C.V.M.G., R.M.S.


The annual Millarville (RACE TRACK) Swap Meet for the ROCKY MOUNTAIN section of the

CANADIAN VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE GROUP will be on Sept. 12 2010. We offer a wide selection of British, American and European motorcycle parts.

The parking lot offers an impromptu show that is a pleasure to view.

TABLES 25.00

BIKES 10.00

ADMISSION only 3.00

Please reserve A.S.A.P.

TABLE RESERVATION Ph. 403 230-9269

A Uniquely Albertan Grassroots Swap Meet

By John Wenkoff

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group Rocky Mountain Section Millarville swap meet on Sunday was not too big or small, and it seemed as if everyone knew each other. Twice as big as last year, there were 46 vendors and about 500 people came through the doors indicating the increasing popularity of motorcycles in general, and the restoration / vintage hobby in particular. A chilly ride to get to Millarville, about a ½ hour South of Calgary, was rewarded with a near perfect ride home and an impressive impromptu parking lot bike show.

Indoors, but with a dirt floor and stable equipment, the venue was uniquely Albertan. The traditional Burgers and Dogs stand, real washrooms, and friendly atmosphere made the whole experience quite enjoyable. There were a wide variety of vendors at this meet. Some small businesses were displaying their products, but for the most part it was average people selling what they had in their garage, attic, or storage unit; these were the true gemstones of the meet where cheap and sometimes rare parts or even whole motorcycles could be found. There were T-shirts, new parts, old parts, leather jackets, and many other categories representing almost every major motorcycle brand there is.

As a small business vendor, I found this meet to be highly worthwhile in terms of sales, but more importantly in terms of networking and promotion. This meet was a highly specialized opportunity for anyone interested in motorcycles to meet others and gather information, in addition to the scavenging of parts. From a spectator’s point of view, I can certainly say that I was impressed with the rarity of the parts I found, and that the prices were generally fair and in some cases a total steal – a true grassroots “Swap Meet”.

— John


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