Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

Motorcycles, bike night, Thursday, Calgary,C.V.M.G., R.M.S.


I had the opportunity and the time to attend the NORTORIOUS Norton rally in Lumby B.C. I don’t know the number of bikes that were there but would guess 150 or more

The event was well planned, attended and run.

I was able to talk to to some very nice folks from Mexico, Minnesota and from all over North America.

This hand built beauty was on hand to take away the pain of not seeing the new Nortons on display.

The range of years and models were very well represented for Norton. There were many Nortons, Hybrids including an AJS 33 and N15. Triumphs were also well represented.

The AJS 33 is one of the rarest bikes around. This one is a fine example.

I’m sure you won’t find many Nortons like this one around and with the stock exhaust.

This chopper may not represent the sixties with its ram air induction for the carburetor through the gas tank. (see blue hose). Also has exaggerated sprung axle and a seat to match the proportions.

The Norbsa Norton engine/ BSA frame) bike is well put together as I followed it through the mountain passes on the way home it was doing 110 to 120 Km up hill and accelerating.

This a Royal Enfield 750 Interceptor. Well, it started life that way. It has a Hillman Imp motor and the machining to get this motor and bike to work together is just magnificent. Everything is billet, the Primary, the signal lights and the home-made forks and triple trees.

Two Honda GB 500 parked next to the Nortons

A grand LADY. The AJS 500

A little tea and Cafe to go.

An N15 hybrid

For more pictures from the rally please click on the NORTON CANADA link. Also check the ling to the Nortorious site for new pictures posted from the event




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