Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

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We recently took the opportunity to travel to Austin Texas (by plane). The Victory was left at home this time. Our timing aligned with the ROT (Republic of Texas) rally in Austin. The main Rally is held on a site outside of the downtown area. The 6 St. bar strip in downtown Austin caters to the local crowds and the parade of bikes down Congress ave. from the rally site to Austin. Youtube has some videos of the rally. A light show of bikes parading later was a change from and bike event I’ve seen.

Some 200,000 estimated to attend this event. We enjoyed the walk along  Congress Ave. an 6 street with lots to see and hear.

A few trikes lined up on 6 st.

Not all of the bikes were big bore

The bikes are continuously moving through the strip and you take up residence on one the bar rooftop patios to get a good view.

There was lots of custom / modified bikes to keep you busy.

Metric bikes like this Suzuki M109 with a fixed fairing were on hand to view and enjoy.

Some sport bikes were on the strip and a lot rode through as well

There were a few vintage bikes on 6 St. but not as many as I would have hoped for.

Some didn’t quite make it to 6 St. This triumph had a broken chain and speedo drive. It sucks.

Some of the bikes were left with their lights on giving another aspect to the show and walk.

An eye catching custom Victory

The sixties come back with high pipes returning to the custom scene

This Yamaha 650 bobber caught my eye parked west of the main events on 6 St. Although it was not a full blown custom, it had lots of appeal and looked like a fun ride. I’m sure if distance riding on the skateboard seat would not be very accommodating but around town would be cool.

When it drove away it was very quiet with I believe TX 750 mufflers.

Austin is more than bikes with music, Austin City Limits and many venues to check out.

Oh yes, the Tex Mex food is enough to bring you back.

Bobby Baum


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