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Riding in Oregon and Washington

My wife and I recently rode from Calgary via Kelowna B.C. to Washington and Oregon for vacation.

During our ride back from Lincoln City Oregon, we had the back tire go on us at 75 miles per hour. Managed to gather my thoughts about keeping the power to the rear wheel while bringing down the speed and gears to final stop. Thanks to the articles I have read on others with this experience. Not easy to move to the shoulder on a weekend day with high traffic volumes.

With the bike stopped and both of us safe, what to do now. GPS is hard to read in the bright sun and looks like 4.5 miles to a town. Turns out to be 45 to the nearest hamlet. Many motorcycles and bike trailers roll by without anyone stopping.

I stopped a HOG rider from Coos Bay HOG group. He will try to get someone in the next town to call us.

A truck pulled up with a Honda Magna 65 in the back. I notice that there is no room for another bike in the back. Definitely not room for a Victory Vision. We walk up to the window and the big guy behind the wheel says they call me Bear. OK bear, where are we? Long ways from any town.

He says, I’m on my way to aunts house and she has a truck and trailer. Do you want me to call her? You bet. Soon after Bear stops, I get a call from a tow truck driver alerted by the Coos Bay HOG rider. I tell him we have a trailer on the way and thanks for calling. 

I’m on the left and Bear is on the right.

Outside of Full Throttle Motorcycle Accessories Kennewick Washington


About 1.5 hours later Lynn rolls up with her Blazer and tilt bike trailer. They take us into Lynn’s home town Umatilla Oregon which is still 35 miles from the nearest motorcycle shop in Kennewick Washington. We manage to get a motel room and arrange for Lynn to pick us up the next day at 8:30 AM so we can forge on for the new tire 30 miles north. At the end of the day Lynn will have logged over 100 miles at her expense which will cover even though she insists she doesn’t want anything.

Lynn on the right with my wife Wendy

lynnphotoThe friendly folks at Full Throttle Motorcycle Accessories went out of their way on a busy day to see us on the road ASAP

We ended our ride home on Highway 22 north with a hail and rain storm that stopped traffic and left us on the shoulder without any cover. At least the heated grips and seats made for a consolation for the last 80 miles home.

Needless to say, we are grateful for the help from Lynn, Bear, Full Throttle and the Coos Bay HOG rider in getting us home safe

Bobby Baum


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