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2014 Indian Motorcycles Hail to the new Chief

Sept 14, 2013 UPDATE

I had the chance to ride the new Indians. The Chieften was first on my list as I am a touring type of rider. The bike starts up with a nice V Twin cadence and soon settles in around 750 – 800 RPM. I found the lower idle nice and very soothing to the ears. The Vintage was second but was still a great fit for a touring guy

Learning the controls for all of the accessories takes a bit of a learning curve. The adjustable windshield works great from the left hand controls. I noticed the dash was hard to read in the sunlight. I wasn’t able to find out if there is another setting for the background light or if that’s the way it is.

Once you engage first gear you know this transmission is solid and works better than most American made machines today. Shifting is  smooth and easy from the get go.

On the road, the power is strong and generous. With torque rated at 119 ft. lbs. you know there is plenty of horses to back this icon up. Polaris has come to the table with lessons learned and it shows with this fine designed and built motorcycle. The machine, motor, fitment, stereo, ride and enjoyment factors are all very high.

With 45 years plus of motorcycle riding and mechanical playing, I now have a new love.

Michael Song, is my hero along with his team of incredible Engineers.

No tattoos needed here. Buying the bike will be honour enough.

______________________     _________________       __________________

These pictures are from Ed who was at the Indian display in Sturgis. He owns many motorcycles but has Indian fever now. I can see why.  Along with his long time friend Wade who also owns many motorcycles. Both are coming home from Sturgis with a different view on their motorcycling future. I see some Harley clothes for sale in the future.

It would be interesting to find out the investment that Polaris has put into this line up. I heard they spent 20 million in the development of the Victory Vision when they already had a basic motor to start with. Excelsior Henderson went through 100 million for their start up.

The result is great by world standards in design for motorcycles

The fit finish is very well done

Pricing starting at 18,999. and 22,999 for the Chieftain is an even bigger achievement


  • A new fairing with an electric adjustable windshield with 4″ of travel
  • A deco chrome headlight trim which looks fast sitting there


Hard bags that contour around the exhaust pipes give it a custom look


This Chief has a few more luxuries than the old Indians

Cruise control, digital read outs, ABS, mono shock etc.

  • Both riders noted the closeness of the mirrors to the handgrips
  • They also noted that the rear cylinder didn’t shed heat like a 96, 103 or 110 Cu in bike. That is great news in the V twin world.


If you are into tassels with your leather, you can have it here

The leather quality was noted along with a great smell

P8030055So far we have reports that this new 111 engine has 119 foot pounds of torque and is a very strong runner. A guess would be around the 100+ HP or so.

No clones here. The  Mitochondrial DNA on these Indian Motorcycles go back to the mother. has a great SHOOT OUT between the Street Glide and the Chieften



Gentleman, start you garage sales.

Bobby Baum


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