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2014 Harley 750 / 500 Street Motorcycles

Harley has a complete new motor that is watercooled and comes in 500 and 750 sizes

The Harley Street 750

You have to notice some similarities to the Yamaha Bolt. So is this the chicken and egg thing? Did Yamaha get their bike out ahead of Harley? Just coincidence, maybe. I remember the ads from HD in the late 80’s saying ” OK Japan here is your next prototype” I’m sure the designers are looking at the same concept bikes at shows for their inspiration, which leads to design likeness. Kudos to both companies for bringing products that will inspire a new generation.


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2 thoughts on “2014 Harley 750 / 500 Street Motorcycles

  1. Brian Smith on said:

    This month’s Iron and Air magazine featured a customized Bolt, very 60s Brit-looking, despite the v twin. It was pretty sweet.

  2. I’m sure we are going to see many of these mods popping up. I’m jealous for the young guys out there who can appreciate these great bikes coming to market.
    Cheers Bobby B

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