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Bragging Rights

I have had many motorcycles over the years including Harley – Davidson. I like the Deckers as we call them In Canada and Baggers south of the 49th parallel. They have served me well since 1982 on a continuous basis until 2007. That’s when I bought a new Street Glide, blue with spoke wheels, stage one and true dual pipes. I loved the fuel injection, 6 speed transmission and 96 inch motor. Nice power and the six speed allowed the motor to purr at highway speeds.


The short windshield was too low for which made the turbulence a bit unbearable. I installed a taller window and my life behind the bars was much better. The suspension on the Glide is  shorter which adds to a little harsher ride than the Electra- Glide. Add a passenger and luggage, the ride is lesser by increments. My social   co-ordinator who rides on the back with me has confirmed this point many times.

Before I have an all out assault on my view, I add that this is my opinion due to my personal needs. I have a form of arthritis known as D.I.S.H.   Dish is a form of spinal arthritis that can be very debilitating. Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis

In  the fall of 2008 I took the Victory Vision for a ride to see what another American V twin could do for me. I was impressed beyond expectations. The ride is subtle, the wind management is great, power excellent and my back loved it. My back quickly did the voting for me and I bought the Vision. It wasn’t as pretty as my Street – Glide but it made riding a motorcycle far more enjoyable for me and my social co-ordinator. We now call it Bobby’s’ BUICK.

I decided to sell the Street – Glide although economics at the time allowed me to keep it. Keeping the Harley strictly for bragging rights didn’t make sense. Sad to to see her go but glad to move on to another chapter in my riding career.


I got on the new Victory and rode over to the registration office to transfer my plates to the new Vision. While in the office a young man said to me, “Hey nice Harley you have”  I said it’s a Victory. And he replied but your helmet says Harley. Oh yes, they do make nice helmets don’t they.

I have put many miles on the Vision including a one day ride of 1200 KM (744 mi) which is excellent for a guy with DISH. I look at the new  Harley’s and love the looks but my back soon intervenes and tells me to stop there. Last fall a game changer came into play and that is the new Indian 111. After riding the new models my brain and my back are in agreement that one of those new models could grace the driveway.


Bobby Baum


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2 thoughts on “Bragging Rights

  1. Woodie on said:

    Great story Bobby, have you tried the Cross country, great looks, same frame as the V V, I had one and loved it. You will need the taller windscreen as it has the buffeting issue with the stock blade screen .
    Happy trails

  2. Thanks. I’ve driven the Cross Country and like it very much. It comes to want an d need. I think I have all I need for now. See my other bikes at bobbybaum projects

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