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Motorcycle noise sparks $850,000 lawsuit by Alberta retiree against local ‘cretins’

Motorcycle noise drives the squirrels nuts and drives $850K lawsuit

National Post | News

Richard Jones refers to his backyard as his “sanctum,” a much-loved place that, in its ideal, fills him with a great sense of peace and calm, the result, perhaps, of its Zen Buddhist design inspiration.

There are pink flowers aplenty, terraces, manicured trees and shrubs, three waterfalls, a tea house and a pair of antique doors, imported all the way from China and set into one of the walls.

“The waterfalls attract a lot of songbirds, they like to bathe and drink,” Mr. Jones says, from the interior of his home in Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.

Aaron Lynett/NP Aaron Lynett/NP

“I take a lot of photographs back there, and I remember one day being lined up on a squirrel. I had a beautiful profile of it, and just as I was getting ready to squeeze the shot — ‘Varoom!’ — a motorcycle roared down the street and the squirrel jumped right up on…

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One thought on “Motorcycle noise sparks $850,000 lawsuit by Alberta retiree against local ‘cretins’

  1. Why couldn’t he have protested in a more traditional way?
    I thought buddists shunned money
    I’d be happy to buy him the matches and fuel

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