Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

Motorcycles, bike night, Thursday, Calgary,C.V.M.G., R.M.S.

Jimmy, my Triumph

Nice article from a female wrenching, Triumph rider.

Gasoline Gypsy

In the summer of 2007 I was motivated to pursue my first motorcycle, a 1979 Honda Hawk CB400, alongside many of my friends. In Vancouver there had been a surge of interest in restoring old Hondas, modeling them into cafe racers, and a group of us girls were not going to be left behind. Canadian Biker featured an article about this phenomena in August 2009 called “The New Rebels,” describing the scene and the curious individuals in our city leading the trend. In a half-hearted way, four of us girls even formed a motorcycle club called the Majestic Unicorn MC, hand-stitching intimidating purple unicorns into patches for our jean jackets. We definitely caused a few heads to turn, ripping along the highways with skateboards secured by bungy-cords to our beat-up motorbikes, or “East Van Rat Bikes” as they are also referred to. This first bike was appropriately called “Tony,” in…

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