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The New Triumphs 2016

My opinion:

A game changer for the motorcycle world had to be the revision of the Indian Motorcycle company by Polaris. No doubt they did a great job of it. Building bigger unit motors than H.D. while keeping them cool with air and oiling systems.

Now in 2016 Triumph fires a new volley of flame into the combustion chamber of the two wheel world with 5 new bikes. The 900cc and 1200cc water cooled parallel twins.

These are great looking and performing bikes as claimed by Triumph. What is so game changing is that they have kept all of the lines of the classic look while adding a cooling system that blends very well into them. Many updates to ride and performance have been blended into the mix. I’m sure Triumph had to be looking at the Yamaha Bolt and Ducati Scrambler success to force this bold move. Economics 101

Meanwhile, Harley Davidson has kept to their tried and true component, non unit, air cooled construction which has to be nearing an end. That’s not to say the current line up is not sharply styled and well built. I’m saying they need to get into the game with a new motor that will launch their future by meeting or exceeding the competition. I hope to eat these words with the 2017 models.

Congrats to the folks at Triumph for a job well done.

Now to find a Thruxton R to test ride


Have a look at the Triumph line up here. ENJOY


Bobby Baum


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