Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

Motorcycles, bike night, Thursday, Calgary,C.V.M.G., R.M.S.

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group RMS Bike Nights

Please feel free to comment on our Bike night and add any opinions that may help the event grow.

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2 thoughts on “The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group RMS Bike Nights

  1. Sean Dubreuil on said:

    Hey Bobby,
    Wondering if you could put a call out for -Nortons- to attend bike night on Thursday, May 8th? Have been talking to some fellow Norton owners, trying to organize a get together, we figured there’s no better place than bike night.

  2. Larry Emrick on said:

    Speaking of Nortons, I am attempting to track the whereabouts of my 1968 Norton 750 NC15 CS, the so-called street scrambler.
    I sold the bike in Calgary in 1970 and went into trials but I have always wanted to know if the bike still exists.
    I am not trying to buy it back, or have any nefarious intent, but the bike has an interesting history which I would like to share with the owner.
    Its distinguishing features at the time that I sold it were: It was blue, had dunstall pattern megaphones, and it had a CDN international plate on the right side cover (which hints at its interesting past).
    The tank was home-painted and was actually a replacement after the original was stolen. It had a leaded repair spot on the top near the back of the tank. It may not have had tank badges or they may have been AJS or Matchless badges.
    If anyone knows anything about the fate of the bike I would be thrilled to hear about it. I can be reached at or 604-228-1680.
    Please spread the word at your bike nights.
    Thanks and good riding.

    Larry in Vancouver

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