Calgary Thursday Bike Night 16 Ave 4 St. N.W.

Motorcycles, bike night, Thursday, Calgary,C.V.M.G., R.M.S.

Kickstart May 2, 2015

This coming May 2 will be our first Kickstart Bike Show. If you have always wondered what pieces of two wheeled art lurk in the alleyway behind your home, in that garage downtown, wakes you up in the morning or keeps you up at night, be prepared to meet the bikes and the builders face to face that create them ! Featuring local homegrown builders from across the province KICKSTART 2015 will prove to be a fine gathering of petrol heads, punks, wrench monkeys, one-kickers, bump-starters, slammers, bobbers, choppers, cafe racers and trackers (street, dirt and board varieties) all converging at CEN4 High River for an afternoon of all things custom. kickstart2015_low

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